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President Jesse R. Butler

Dr. Jesse R. Butler, D. Min., a member of the Penguin Random House Advisor Panel and the Author and Executive Producer of Extraordinary Encounters.


This campaign will enable us to bring an incredible Christian-based bio-thriller, supernatural film to the big screen.

With $100M, we could bring some of the world's best producers, directors, actors/actresses, and crew to make this film one of the greatest faith-based releases at the Box Office of all times.

As an incentive for your contribution, we have perks from $25 to $Ms, which will enable us to bring supporters to the big screen as well.

*So, join us in making the feature film Extraordinary Encounters a reality. And remember, THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE TOO!

*Don't forget to tell all of your friends! I believe they would like to be a part of it. 

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